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Couples who rave together, stay together! Question or a fact?

Can Love be any harder in our times? No physical contact, quarantines, second lockdown after a tier 5 national lockdown. Travel bands and self isolations. A babushka of loneliness. How are you going to celebrate love or find The One with social distancing? 

I personally am a lover of life romance and emotions.  I was lucky enough to come close to the ultimate feeling of celebrating life, with my love dancing like there is no tomorrow, lost in our magic little bubble listening tunes where no one can translate  but our body language. How many times in life can you achieve this feeling? What if you can have this with someone forever? You just need to find the write person who matches your soul. 

You can find it. And you know a little secret? it gets better. More dangerous, more passionate, maybe even reckless but definitely stronger and undefeated. Like all this new virus variations. Will be the two of you immune against the world. Dancing together for the rest of your life. 

Mirage Dolls studio 

OC x